The business of the Colussi family goes back to the distant days of 1840 when APOLLONIO COLUSSI decided to become a baker and open the  first bakery and shop in the Sestiere (district) of St. Mark. The goodness of his products was evident  not only in the bread  but also in the cakes he made for his particular way  of putting together the various ingredients created cakes which are now considered Venetian specialities; appreciated today, as before, not only by the Venetians themselves but also by  the many visitors to the city.
Increasing demand together with the  transportation  difficulties typical of Venice obliged Colussi’s son, Emilio, to open a bakery in every Sestiere of the city  so that the demand could be met and a better and more rapid service could be given.
In the 1950s the population of Venice began to diminish and consequently the heirs to the business gradually reduced the various production outlets. The present day owners Gloria and Paolo Colussi Stefani have consolidated  their business by concentrating the district branches  into one large bakery  in the Sestiere of St Mark, in the city centre.  This allows them to maintain the necessary productivity levels and to reach any part of the city with relative ease. In recent years this arrangement has boosted  production and made possible widespread distribution throughout the city with daily deliveries of freshly baked products to hotels, restaurants and snack-bars. To satisfy even the most sophisticated palates their production of bread is highly specialized, with loaves and rolls of every sort up to as small as 20 grams.
Colussi il Fornaio has the merit of having been the first bakery in Venice to have rediscovered the typical but almost forgotten  Venetian pastries and cakes.  Examples are the Venetian focaccia, made following a recipe dating from the beginning of the last century and what may be described as “dry” cakes such as il pan dei dogi, il pan dei pescatori and gli zaletti, all made with one part  maize flour.
All these products are made using only natural ingredients without any additives or preservatives,  thereby  ensuring  the quality which only a genuine product made on the premises can guarantee.