The Production

The bakery firm Emilio Colussi, goes back to the distant days of 1840 and is now run by the sixth generation of the family. Right from the beginning production has been plentiful and differentiated allowing the firm to meet the ever exigent demand. Over the years tendencies have changed and the demand has varied substantially; quality however has always remained of prime importance to the firm. The proof of this choice lies in the fact that in Venice today Colussi produces the most varied range of bread: over forty different sorts, from the smallest bun of just 20 grams to loaves of 600 grams made with hard wheat flour. This assortment embraces almost all the varieties of bread made in the different regions of Italy. The rather humid Venetian climate does not help the bread however, for it tends to lose it’s crispness quicker than in other places with a drier climate such as inland  and mountainous regions. To solve this problem “Colussi” has always observed the traditional manner of baking bread, a tradition which requires a long leavening time and the use of mostly natural yeast, the only one allowing the bread to keep its typical fragrance and assuring a crisp, thin crust.