Handmade bread

What differentiates the homemade bread from the industrial?
Artisan bread has a processing method that takes a long time to rise, use of top quality ingredients and natural yeasts.
Compliance with this procedure, that only an artisan bakery follows, allows the bread to be an excellent product for flavor, fragrance and cooking.

Because the artisan bread has TASTE
compared to industry?
Why It honors fermentation,
in particular of secondary ones, which in turn produce an incredible amount of other by-products which are the actual responsible of the aroma of bread.
The artisan bread requires a machining process more complex.
The artisan bread retains its freshness for several hours through the use of
"Sourdough" that ensure the product
softness and crispness.
Only expert hands of an artisan baker
make a simple food like bread, a quality product.
The bread is good and tasty when it is cooked perfectly with a porous crumb-free water.


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